Register on Facebook without having an email

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One of the most frequent questions from different users around the world if possible register on Facebook without having an email. The answer is that if you can, one of the different requirements that this social network requires is to have an email, which you must enter and verify an email that you send to it at the time of registration. But the way you should take is to register on Facebook from a phone number.

All this in order to ensure a good service and make it more secure for the user, and thus be able to avoid many phantom accounts. Facebook since its inception has worked to provide the best service to its different users around the world, taking into account that every day there are millions of people who enter this social network. That is why some things are required at the time of registration.

Register on Facebook

How do I get an email from my Facebook

Creating an email is easy, you just have to decide which company you want (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.) to have the personal use email and enter that page, then you must proceed to register where you will have to fill some personal information, such as name, ID, date of birth, country, telephone number and in some cases will ask you to confirm your account by the number to ensure that a real person who wishes to register.

Once you have your email created you can now log in to and simply follow the steps of registering on Facebook that is very simple and short and so you can start enjoying your new account. This social network opens many doors to new opportunities to make friends and find love on Facebook.

Facebook and its help support

Facebook also has a help support for its users, where many times this type of questions as if it is possible to register on Facebook without having an email, you can answer them and thus it is easier for them to be able to provide a better service, always thinking in the need of the user.

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