Register in Facebook in a few steps

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Chat and spend a nice moment with your closest friends sharing multimedia content and messages. Gone are the typical messages by text messages SMS and others now people use social networks more often because they are simpler to use. Facebook the leading social network that allows us to interact for free.

How can I belong to Facebook? Being part of the largest internet community is very simple, just enter your personal information. If you want to register on Facebook in a few steps the formula is simple you just have to be attentive to the steps that we will indicate at this time.

register facebook

Register from

Open your internet browser and go to this address, when the page has been loaded you just have to fill out the form that is on the right side. It is important that you enter real data to avoid being blocked in the future by posing as other people.

The data you must enter to register in Facebook in a few steps are the following you must first enter your first and last name, then you must add an email and create a password (your secret password for security reasons must have capital letters, numbers, and symbols).

We have almost just registered on Facebook

Now you must put your date of birth (in this way Facebook can determine your age) then your sex (man or woman according to this Facebook will guide you more with the opposite sex). To finish the process of the register in Facebook in a few steps you must click on “Create Account” and you are ready to go inside. It only remains to activate your Facebook account by entering your inbox and clicking on the link sent to you.

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