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There are many reasons why we have thought on different occasions to make a new Facebook account, among all the reasons are included as when we want to obtain more privacy on our account, for which we only want one to be more selective than another. It happens that there are relatives or co-worker who tend to be a bit irritable or annoying in terms of comments and videos that we share on our networks, it is for this type of people that we prefer to create another account where we only integrate our closest friends and family, With those we can express freely and the way we want.

The advantage of having Facebook is that even in this opportunity allows us to select the people who can locate us or not, that is, we can create an account keeping in private the identity of this for public access. With a new Facebook account, we can feel more relaxed, and we will select the people we want to integrate into our social environment.

How do I create a new Facebook account?

The way to make use of a new Facebook account is registering with our mail, but different from the one we previously have already added to the previous Facebook, the steps to register our second account, are exactly the same as those we implemented to create the previous one, but What happens if I do not remember the steps I use to register earlier? There is no problem, we will help you to create a new Facebook account yourself, so easy it only takes 2 minutes to create it.

To start, you should consider having the email you use for this new account, then enter directly into the Facebook page: once you have entered this, you will find a form in which you will have That fill all the requested spaces with your personal data such as:

– Name
– Surnames
– Email
– Birthdate
– Gender (Male or Female)
– And a password (which will be fundamental to remember, so try to have more than eight characters for greater security)

After completing this form, go to where it says “Create Account” and press it. After this process, you will be taken to another page where you will have to complete a text box that will indicate you where you will have to place the letters and number as you see in the image with a white background, then press again to register or next.

Confirm your new Facebook account

After completing this process will continue entering our mail to confirm by means of a link that sent us to the inbox, our identity, in case it is not in the inbox, you should check the spam folder or the Unwanted emails, once found this, click on link, which will go to the Facebook page indicating that your registration was completed. You may be interested in reading “How to grow my business on Facebook”.

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