New Facebook account registering

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Facebook has gone through many changes because it began to be a service created by Mark Zuckerberg exclusive to his university where you could send files and have the relationship with all students and teachers. But over the years it became popular until it became the social network that young people prefer. If you want a new Facebook account registering you just have to fill out the Facebook registration form.

What can I do with a Facebook account? Within Facebook, you can find out about updates from your friends and family whether it’s a text message, image or video. You can express your emotion by clicking on the Facebook emoticons and commenting on it. Here you can also make online calls and video calls if you want something more personalized.

a New Facebook account the page to register

Get a new Facebook account registering in the following way, you must first enter this address as in the title, once it has been loaded, you must orient yourself in the form on the right side. Here you must basically put all the data that you request, enter it correctly and do not forget to add real data.

In the Facebook form you start putting your first and last name, then you must put an email that you use nowadays otherwise it is also valid to put a phone number. You create a password that must have at least 8 digits adding capital letters for greater security.

Final steps to register to Facebook

We are almost done so you can log in to Facebook, you just need to add your birth date and select your corresponding gender. Once ready, you must agree to the terms and conditions of use of the service. If you agree, you should only click on the green button that says “Create Account”. A new Facebook account registering, chat with your friends as many times as you want, remember that it is free.

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