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For a new account on Facebook, you must consider the reason why you want to create a new account on Facebook, you could have any of these reasons to do so, either for personal reasons of having two accounts or because of loss of your account Facebook earlier. For the new account on Facebook you must have your email or cell number, you should already be aware of this if you had or have a Facebook account already created, in case you did not know this is the main thing (it is recommended not to give A similar email in case of loss of an account or already own an account on Facebook) in addition to the email you must create it along with the password that you must enter at the time of creating the account and that allows you or access to the account one Once you have created it.

The new account on Facebook will be created on the main page of the social network, in the section that says “Sign Up”, for it you will find in the browser of your laptop, computer or mobile browser the page: when shitting the Page will go down and just below the section of login will be located the section for the registry and thus create the new account of Facebook.

This section will ask us as registration requirements:

-First name.
-Last name.
– Electronic mail or cellular number (in case of entering the mail will ask that they enter it again, that is to say, twice),
-Password (Also request to be entered 2 times to verify that there are no errors in the password that indicates)

When filling in this data click on the green button that says finish. Load the next page with two steps to follow in which, the first tells you that you can search for friends who use Facebook if you do not want to search for some simply press on the option named “next” at the bottom of the window that You can observe.

Search for friends by mail and personal data on Facebook

The second step is somewhat similar to the first one as opposed to finding friends via e-mail in a more direct and precise way. To skip this step, click on next and there will be a window where they will click at the end of it where it says omit this step thing that you will do if you do not want to apply that, once done this you will have the new account on Facebook already created in which alone Add the personal information, the information of the biography and add mainly to the people you know, friends and new people to know through this popular social network.

Remember that you are free to post what you want, as long as your comments or statements do not damage the integrity or reputation of other users, as this way you can be reported on Facebook for this type of inappropriate behavior. If you want to continue learning about it I invite you to read“How to find the love of your life on Facebook?”

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