Minimum age to register on Facebook

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Facebook has certain rules and some of them, is that you must have a minimum age of 13 to be able to register on Facebook, this in order to comply with the rules of legislation. We must also bear in mind that both in South Korea and Spain by legislation regulations the minimum age for these two countries is 14 years of age.

All this is done due to the fact that this platform has a set of normal coherent for all. It is that each one of them is fulfilled 100%, also this type of rules is a reason to prevent children with a certain age, cannot be stuck in social networks, because there they can get all kinds of things. Remember you always need a minimum age to register on Facebook for 13 years.

age for children access to facebook

What happens if a child under 13 also registers?

Clearly, it is an issue that has already passed, so Facebook at the time of registration allows it, but once all the data of the newly registered user has been verified and it is detected that it is less than 13 years old, the account will be closed. of Facebook immediately. All this to comply with the legislative rules of each country.

Once the minimum age of 13 years or 14 years is reached as required by countries such as Spain and South Korea, they can already register on Facebook without any type of inconvenience. It is very important that parents are aware of the use that their children give to this platform, thus ensuring that everything is correct complying with the rules already established

Facebook very strict with access to minors

This platform has a series of established rules, some more delicate than others. That is why the minimum age to register on Facebook is considered a delicate rule because it is attached to a legal framework and when verifying that the rules are being broken, it will be punished with the elimination of the account immediately. Messenger Kids is an alternative that is still in process.

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