How do I create a Facebook account

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In order to register on Facebook, you simply have to have an email address and internet. You must enter once you are there, you must go to the right side of your screen where you can find a box so you can register.

Duties fill each of the boxes that ask you, you will have to put your name, surname, date of birth, phone, email address and username, then you give create an account. The system will direct you to a page where you must choose if you want a personal or business account, once you have created your account you must verify the Facebook account by sending a message to the registered email. After doing all this, you are ready to start using your account. How do I create a Facebook account, here we will give you the best way to do it.

How do create Facebook

What uses can I give to my Facebook account?

This is something very common that people ask themselves daily, many of the people give a personal use, whether to upload photos, watch videos, be more closely with other people, share their good times, however, there are many people who give it another type of use.

Many times we see different profiles of people where some of them, are promoted as either photographers, salespeople, dancers or simply as merchants. We must know that this is a social network that accounts with millions of registered users, where it is very common to see profiles of people of different style and lifestyle. Therefore we will see different users giving different uses to each of their accounts. How do I create a Facebook account on this website we will solve all your doubts.

Facebook is an easily adaptable social network

Many people enter Facebook with great expectation, thinking about how it is handled, what I will do once I register, however after starting to use this social network everything changes, due to its easy handling and adapting as desired by each user. It can be used for a personal use or simply to promote an article or you as a business source. It is because of all this that Facebook is the preferred social network throughout the world. This article titled How do I create a Facebook account will explain in broad strokes what you must do to achieve it.

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