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If you are looking for create a new Facebook account, you have arrived at the right place, we will explain in detail the steps you must take to get your Facebook account and start enjoying all the benefits that this popular social network has to offer.

One of the best things that you can get using Facebook is to keep you informed of all events and viral news, as this network is the number one in the world in when to share news, so you will always be up to date in all social, Informative, sports, among many others.

Steps to create a new Facebook account.

The steps we must take to create our Facebook account is, first of all, to register our data in order to be able to give origin or base to what will be the account on Facebook. At the moment of choosing our password, it is important to emphasize that first our security and privacy of the same, therefore it is recommended to register an extensive password but at the same time it is easy to remember, this way you could relate it to something like your pet next to a Date of birth, a key point that allows you to remember it more easily.

The data you are asked for are very simple, such as First name Last name, email (It is very important that you have active this same, since, at the time of wanting to modify your password, the data will be sent to your email). After making the registration it is advised to indicate the cell number in case the registration with the electronic mail has been made and thus at the time of forgetting the password to use either the mail or the cellular number as a means of recovery of the Through a message that will be sent to either of these two chosen media.

Add profile photo and Facebook cover

When they have everything ready and are at the beginning of the Facebook account they should only place a profile photo which will be appended when entering the option that bears the name of the user in the upper right area and then click on the default image where Says update, search and select the option upload image, search the computer for the photo, expect it to load, adjust its size and have the most personalized profile. In addition, you can also place a cover image following the same steps, but in this case clicking on the icon of a camera that is above where the profile photo is.

For information that represents the user on Facebook such as education, work activity or family members should be addressed once they are in your profile to the option that says information there will appear on the left side a series of specifications of personal information And simply in each section that they want to fill click on edit and place the corresponding personal information. For the biography that is the option next to the information is where will give a history of photos of his or her friends or friends who tagged him and personal details like thoughts, tastes, etc. They select the edit option and just as in the personal information they place what corresponds corresponding to you.

Create a new Facebook account has never been so easy, I invite you to read another article that may interest you: “How to be popular on Facebook.”

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