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Facebook over the years has gone through many updates either by improving its service or by adding new features. There is some concern for some users because the creator of Facebook indicated that the page will no longer have much scope as before and will predominate more personal actions of users. If you like the idea of being communicated with your loved ones we will teach you how to create a new Facebook account now.

To be able to log in to Facebook it is necessary that you follow a series of steps but before you must pay attention to this article. Now, much of the world prefers to maintain contact with their friends or relatives by these means. Social networks have made us leave aside traditional communications such as phone calls and SMS text messages. Now everything is easier with a single Facebook account we can always be communicated.

facebook sign up new person

Facebook connects you with the world

To start the day on the right foot you must first enter this address from your internet browser once you have loaded you must get the form on the right side. In the empty boxes, you must put all your data as appropriate. Create a new Facebook account now for this it is necessary that you enter real data and not have problems in the future.

You start putting your first and last name, then you must put an email or phone number, create a password, date of birth and sex. Make sure all data is well entered to avoid this process again. When everything is done, you must accept the service conditions contract by clicking on the green button that says “create account”.

Confirm my newly created Facebook account

If you have taken the steps to register to Facebook correctly, you just need to enter the mail inbox that you added in the form and click on the link that Facebook sends you. If you have registered with a phone number, you must enter the code that will be sent to your phone and that’s it. As you can notice create a new Facebook account now is very easy to do, try and communicate with others.

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