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Why is it important to have a Facebook account? It is amazing to all the power you can have a Facebook account because thanks to this you can chat with your friends and even better make calls online without any cost. Gone are the outdated phone calls and SMS text messages that cost money. Do not waste time and create a Facebook account the best social network you will not regret.

The main rules that we must take into account when starting on Facebook are to add people we know in real life and add our real data. If you want to have a secure Facebook account it is recommended to add a phone number in case you forget your password and so on. Facebook is a social network that we must use with great responsibility and treat other users with respect.

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How to register on Facebook

You must ensure you have access to the Internet to start, when you have this under control you must enter this address when the page has been loaded you must enter the information requested in the form on the right side. To register on Facebook it is vital that you add real data and not pretend to be someone else.

Create Facebook account the best social network, you start by typing your first and last name, then you must add an email or phone number and create a password. It is also important to enter your date of birth and select your gender. Before finishing, keep in mind the following: the email you provide in the form must be operative and the password must have more than eight digits including capital letters for greater security.

Final steps to register on Facebook

When all your data is filled in the Facebook form make sure everything is well written so as not to go back to do this process again. To end the Facebook registration you must accept the terms of use contract by clicking on the green button that says “Create Account”. Now to log in to Facebook you only need to enter the official Facebook page and enter your access data.

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