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Currently, social networks have allowed us to connect every day more because we are close to everything that happens around us. If you still do not have a Facebook account, what do you expect to create a Facebook account now a lot of the world already has one and communicates by this means very often.

Facebook is also space where you can follow your favorite pages and add to groups that are of interest to you. Here it is also possible to upload your photos and organize them in albums, it is better to upload them to the social network so that your photos are protected. You can also upload the video but this usually takes a little bit depending on the duration of the video.

register Facebook now

Create a Facebook account from scratch

The first thing you have to do is enter to address, and inside you just have to fill out the form on the right side. You must put your personal data in the empty boxes that correspond. Create a Facebook account now is an easy process to execute, it depends on you, how long do you delay in putting your data.

To start in the first two boxes you must put your first and last name, after that you must put an email or phone number (you must use this data now) create a password (at least eight digits, uppercase, and symbols for more security), date of birth and sex. Make sure that every data you have entered in the Facebook registration form is well written to continue.

Final steps to register Facebook

Simply after completing the form, you must click on the green button that says “Sign Up” in this way you accept the terms and conditions of use of the Facebook service. It only remains to confirm via email (link in the inbox) or phone number (confirmation code by SMS) everything depends on how you registered. As you can notice create a Facebook account now is a very basic process that anyone can apply, know and share unique moments in this social network.

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