Create Facebook account if you are new

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To create a Facebook account is very easy just need to enter your personal data in the empty spaces that are on the Facebook form. How do I create a Facebook account if you are new? If you do not have any knowledge to use Facebook in this article we will explain briefly what this social network serves.

Facebook is a space where you can interact with people close to or distant to you, the way to interact with it is by means of messages, calls or video call if you have a webcam. You can also upload photos or videos on your Facebook profile so your other friends can see it. Sign up for Facebook and experience something new.

Create a facebook from the main web

Create Facebook account from the homepage

To create Facebook account if you are new the first thing to do is to open your web browser and enter this address, then that you must put your personal data in the empty boxes that are on the right side below where it says “Sign Up”. The data requested are as follows:

First, you must put your first and last name, phone number or email in the next two boxes, create a password, state your date of birth and select your gender. Once you have finished you just have to accept the terms and conditions of use by clicking where it says “Create Account”.

Important facts before and after creating a Facebook account

Before you sign up for Facebook:

  • Make sure you enter your real data (based on your identity document)
  • Create a strong password (apply characters such as uppercase, numbers or symbols)
  • Enter your date of birth correctly (Facebook announces your friends when they are birthday)

After you sign up for Facebook:

  • Confirm your Facebook account (for your account to be more secure it is important that you verify it by entering your email or enter the activation code that comes with your phone)
  • Upload a profile photo and Facebook cover (a good presence of your Facebook will make many people add you, make sure you put a good picture)
  • Enter basic Facebook information (it is important to put data of where you study, place of work and place where you live, this way the Facebook system will approach people close to you).

As you can see create Facebook account if you are new is very simple, we must adapt the new way of communicating. Facebook continues to evolve and we must learn to know how to communicate in this social network responsibly.

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