Create Facebook account from a computer

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Do not know how to create a Facebook account? Do not care anymore! In this article we will help you explain each step of how to create Facebook account from a computer, taking into account all the important aspects and recommendations necessary for your security in this popular social network.

The details that you must consider important and are necessary for the registration of your Facebook account are the basis for your security, such as the email you use, since this is essential for the confirmation of your identity at the moment you want to reset your password From Facebook. You should also analyze a Facebook password that does not have short characters but which in turn makes it easy to remember, for this we recommend to relate your password with an important aspect of your life that makes it easy to remember it always (Children, pets, place of birth , Among others) and combine words next to numbers and symbolic characters (_: * $ #; =) so that in this way the possibility of usurpation to your Facebook account decreases.

To create a Facebook account from my computer, you need:

First of all rectify previously, if there is a connection on the internet since it is a web page which is in the network. After that, look for the browser that you normally use (Google Chrome, Mozilla, among others), when you start, enter the social network page, once there you will notice the main page or log in to Facebook where they will proceed to register in the Below specifically in the place indicated by the title (REGISTER NOW), for this must have active an email, mentioned above, which could be Gmail, Yahoo !, GMX, Outlook, among many more, or simply with a number Active cell preferably the one you use in a personal way.

It is recommended in case you register on Facebook with the email enter into the Facebook account created on the computer the cell number to be able to have a method of recovery of the password in case you forget the registered. At the moment of create Facebook account from a computer, they will fill out a form with the name, last name, email, password (the one they wish to enter) and date of birth after that will click on the green button at the end of the form with the name of Completed.

After creating a Facebook account, customize your profile.

When doing this procedure correctly have created an account on Facebook where what is proceeded is to follow the steps indicated by Facebook and customize the profile to suit the user. In this social network, you can meet many people from different places; It is recommended to use the network responsibly and in the best way to enjoy the benefits it provides. Always remember to be cautious when you start using this medium, do not insult or publish content that damages the integrity (Religion, Race, Sex) of other people since this way you can be reported and this can lead to the closure of your account. You can also read “How to get love on Facebook”.

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