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Facebook is a multifunctional space where you can do many things in one place, here you can chat with your friends either through texts, images, and videos. Now everyone is making the most of the social network to save as you will not have to pay to be connected with your friends or family, for that you should only have access to the internet. Create and join Facebook only for your personal data.

To enter the official website of Facebook just simply enter this address in the search bar of your browser of your choice. When the google results are shown, you just have to click on the first link shown. It is necessary to know that you can enter Facebook from any platform either by computer or phone.

create facebook computer

How do I create a Facebook account?

Already on the Facebook website, you must put your real personal data in the empty boxes where appropriate. You start by typing your first and last name in the first two boxes, then you must put an email or phone number, create a password. For create and join Facebook, you must ensure that you add authentic data to avoid blockages in the future.

It is also important to add your date of birth and gender so that the Facebook algorithm can guide you to people of the opposite gender. When you have finished filling out your data you must click on the green “create account” box and in this way, you accept the contract to use the Facebook service.

Facebook allows me to recover friendships

Create and join Facebook allows you to reencounter with your friends from the past, for better results, it is important to add basic information about Where do you study? Where do you live? Where do you work? and more. You can locate people specifically by putting their full name on the Facebook search or email.

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