Create a new Facebook account to enter

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Facebook with the passage of time seeks to reinvent itself and enable more options for the benefit of its users. Now here you can chat with your friends as many times as you want and have a nice time as well as have the possibility to add your best photos and sort them into albums and upload a funny video for your friends. In moments we will start to create a new Facebook account to enter.

Facebook has a very simple interface that allows the first users to adapt, each option is placed in strategic places to be able to use it without any inconvenience. If what we are looking for is to log in to Facebook we must be registered and the easiest way to do it is following these steps.

create new facebook

Steps to register on Facebook

Open your internet browser and enter this address and press “enter”, when the page has been loaded you must fill out the form that is on the right side. In the empty boxes, you must put a name, last name, email (@, @, @, create a password (the key with capital letters and symbols that have more than eight digits).

To finish create a new Facebook account to enter, we would need to add the date of birth (day, month and year) and sex (man and woman). In this way, Facebook takes into account your age and to orient you with people of the other gender. Checkpoint by the point that everything is correct, to finish you must click on “Create Account” and in this way, you accept the terms and conditions.

Facebook the social network that young people prefer

Many people, mostly young people, have been able to make friends with people who live in other countries or near your locality. Here you can chat and make unlimited online calls. Create a new Facebook account to enter, find out everything that your friends and family go through this social network.

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