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Facebook has millions of users in the world, but there are still people who do not know how to use this service correctly. The first thing to know is that Facebook is a social network that allows us to interact with people from all over the world, the method of communication used here is the chat, call or video call. Do you think this is incredible? Stay here because we’ll show you Create a new Facebook account.

If you are new let me tell you that the first thing you need to register to Facebook is to have an email or phone number because they are important because later you must verify your Facebook account when you finish filling the record. Create a new Facebook account is not difficult to achieve, we only recommend you follow the steps correctly.

Woman Creating a new Facebook account

How do I register on Facebook

To start the Facebook registration process you must first open your Internet browser of your choice and open this address When the page has been loaded you must fill out the form with the following information: first and last name, email, create a password, date of birth and sex. All these data must be real because they will be verified by the Facebook service.

Create a new Facebook account you must put real data to avoid having your account disabled in the future. When you have finished, continue by clicking on the green button that says “Create Account”. In this way you already have a Facebook account created only we have to verify it and for that, you must enter your email and click on the link that I sent to your inbox.

Important data when registering to Facebook

It is important to create a Facebook password that is difficult to decipher, as we recommend using capital letters, numbers or symbols. The same also with your date of birth because this is a key piece so that your Facebook friends can greet you on that special day. Create a new Facebook account is very easy now you can enjoy all its advantages. Meet people and have a nice time with the community.

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