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Facebook is the platform where you can do many things like chat with your friends and share photos. Social networks are currently having a great impact in the world because thanks to them we can make popular any event that interests us. Facebook is the tool that allows us to give our opinion and do justice to any social problem. Create a Facebook profile in a few steps.

With a Facebook profile, you can connect with people from all over the world, so it is important to add things of interest to your database. To start creating a Facebook profile, you must first enter this address, when it has been loaded, you must place the information requested.

create facebook profile

How can I create a Facebook profile?

In the Facebook form, you should basically put your name, surname, email or phone number, password, gender and date of birth. Do not take the process of creating a Facebook profile lightly because it is important that you enter real data so that your account does not fall into any penalty in the future.

Enter a key that is easy to remember but adds capital letters, number, and symbols for more security. Do not use passwords that you already have on other platforms or put your pet’s name. The date of birth is also impotent in this way Facebook will show you content according to your age. It’s almost time to create a Facebook profile, it would only be …

The final process to register on Facebook

When everything is correct in the Facebook form we only need the green button that says “Create Account” in this way we will accept the contract of the terms and conditions of use of the Facebook service. Finally, we must confirm the Facebook account and enter your email or phone number according to how you registered. When you have finished create a Facebook profile, you only need to add a suitable photo to your profile and Facebook cover.

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