Create a Facebook account in a short time

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Many people currently have a Facebook account because it is the basic tool to be communicated to your friend’s thanks to its free chat service by message or video. It should be noted that Facebook is the most popular social network of the moment that is constantly updated for the benefit of its users. If you still do not belong to this family, we recommend you click on the section that says “Create Account”.

Create a Facebook account in a short time is a very simple process that you can from your computer or from a phone, you only need at least one email or phone number. Encourage yourself to be part of this community and connect with people you did not see long ago, reencounter with friends from childhood, school or university.

create facebook account in office

How do I register for the social network

First, you must ensure that you have access to the internet if you meet this requirement you must enter this address, after that when it is loaded you should only put your personal information in the empty boxes with the following data so that the registration of Facebook is applied correctly.

To create a Facebook account in a short time add your data such as first and last name, email/phone number, create a password, date of birth and sex. When you have finished, we recommend checking that everything is correct. Accept the Facebook contract of your terms and uses of the service by clicking on the green button that says “Create Account”.

Set up my Facebook profile correctly

Already within your Facebook profile, there are certain options that it is advisable to add as data of where you work, where you study, in which university you attend and much more. These data are important so that Facebook can guide you with people you know in real life. Create a Facebook account in a short time is a reality that many knows, do not stay without having access to the best social network.

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