Create a Facebook account if you are new

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As many of us know, social networks are causing a great impact on young people because with the step it has become the main tool to be communicated, leaving behind phone calls and SMS text messages. Now we decided to chat on Facebook to save time and money. If you are still new and you are not registered in moments we will show you how to create a Facebook account if you are new.

Facebook is the space where you can give your opinion on a certain topic, as well as upload your photos and sort them by albums. Remember that everything you put on Facebook can be seen by all Facebook users, but you can make privacy modifications to your Facebook account and so on. Facebook is the social network that is currently available on a computer and mobile phone.

Create a Facebook account new

Create Facebook account from scratch

To start this process create a Facebook account if you are new enter this address and fill out the Facebook form with the data that you request (enter real data to avoid being blocked by the security filter of Facebook). It is important that you have an email otherwise you can also use a phone number.

In the first empty spaces you must put your name and surname after that you must put your email or phone, then create a password, date of birth and sex. Accept the terms and conditions of use of Facebook service by clicking on “Create Account”. Confirm your account from the email inbox or code sent by SMS to your phone. Now you can log in to Facebook and enjoy all its freeform features.

How to start with a Facebook account

When you are part of the Facebook community we recommend adding and accepting people you know in real life. Here there are people who only seek to spy on you so be careful with the content you post on Facebook. Create a Facebook account if you are new is simple, but it is still important to be careful.

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