How to register for Facebook in 2018 and make friends in no time

For no one is a secret that today technology plays an important role in our daily lives. Social networks have become one of the major media, where the majority of the population is integrated. One of the most famous and famous networks on the internet is "Facebook", a means by which you can communicate easily and socialize with anyone around the world. For this reason, we are not surprised with the idea that every day more people want to be included in this social network, let alone feel the desire to excel in such a medium, but since we love to help you, we bring you: How to Register For Facebook in 2018 and make friends in no time. Join us on this tour where we will give you the best and most accurate tips to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Log in to Facebook or create a Facebook by accessing the section of the corresponding page. Find friends and friends on Facebook HERE.

  1. The first thing you need to do to learn how to create a Facebook account in 2018 and make friends in a short time is to enter the official Facebook website; The "Registration" announcement will automatically appear on the home page.
  2. By placing yourself on the main page and in the advertisement to register, you must complete each and every one of the spaces that request your data (name, surname, age, date of birth, sex, among others).
  3. After completing these spaces, you must press the green button where you will find a text that says "Create account", will automatically redirect you to another web page, where you can proceed with the objective. If you have placed your phone number instead of the email, you will get to that same number a verification code, as proof that you are the owner of this.
  4. After this, the web page will take you directly to your new profile, which indicates that your Facebook account was created successfully. If you have entered from a cell phone or mobile you will be shown in the first order a list of people who are also on Facebook and are in your contacts at the same time, so that you can find friends (which we will show you below).
  5. The page will ask you to enter more data to your profile, as an information contribution for any user who tries to contact you through this medium.
  6. Now that you have your own Facebook account, you should proceed to get your friends. The best thing is to start looking first in order to someone close to you, after being in your profile and pressing the "Send a friend request" button you enter your friends list (option that is found with the naked eye in conjunction with "Photos", And other options) and determines how many people on your list want to include in yours. Go from profile to profile, from each and every one of the people that you want to be part of your list of friends, repeating the same procedure until you feel satisfied.
  7. Once you find yourself fully initiated in the environment you must maintain a constant activity and content as this is a good way to get noticed in this environment. The content should preferably be personal, as this maintains a closer contact with your social circle. We recommend that when uploading such photographic content (preferably accompanied by a striking text) or simply textual edit the privacy of the same, by clicking on a button symbolized by a small gear, accompanied by his right a text that says " Friends ", clicking will show you several options, click the" Friends of friends "option so that people who are not part of your friends list can have the freedom to view your publications freely. To know more about this you can also visit: How to be popular on Facebook - How to find love on Facebook.

How to put a profile photo and Facebook cover?

To enter a profile photo in your user, you must click on your name, which is in the blue bar, next to the search bar. When you select this one, it will automatically guide you to your profile, in a small empty box you will find a small camera in the corner of it, clicking on this will give you a selection options, when choosing the desired one you only have to select the image that you want Enter and after it loads correctly it will remain until you want to change it again. To add a cover photo applies a procedure completely identical to that of the profile photo, when you slide your mouse over the rectangle where the profile photo is to be located, a camera will appear and after clicking it you will have to select the photo and later Will be uploaded and publicly attached to your profile.

Tips for using Facebook better.

Every social network has its rules, the most feasible recommendation is to take into account the good job that should be given to this technological experience. It is necessary to know the need that we have as a user to use and handle with responsibility and respect this network, to avoid being penalized by this means. The main recommendation is to follow and stay out of the rules established by the page, so as to avoid discomfort and bad examples for the rest of the community.

Precautions before adding a friend to Facebook.

Before adding a Facebook user should be aware that it is advisable to avoid accepting requests for friends from people you do not really know since we never know who is behind this profile bearing in mind that there is a possibility that it is false Or who has unwanted intentions. To avoid bad experiences it is preferable to deny them access to these unknown users. There are ways to check or draw a conclusion as to whether a user is false, such as; If the profile contains extremely limited images and publishes very infrequently. Or if the profile repeatedly publishes the same images and does not have content that demonstrates interaction with other people. Among other reasons.


To conclude with this article we want to highlight that Facebook is an extremely useful social network today to grow my business in Facebook and extremely simple mode of employment and a strong tool to find love on Facebook. We must not forget that we must maintain proper order and behavior, remember that it is a public medium and we must be aware that all our content will be exposed to the rest of the people. There are methods to protect your Facebook 100% functional, you have to be careful how you use this medium because there is the facility to falsify accounts, do not be a victim of it, do not accept unknown people. We hope you enjoyed this article here we can teach you how to be popular on Facebook hope it is of your use, we wish you the best experience, and that you have solved your doubts.

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