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Why is it important to have a Facebook account? It is amazing to all the power you can have a Facebook account because thanks to this you can chat with your friends and even better make calls online without any cost. Gone are the outdated phone calls and SMS text messages that cost money. Do … [Read more]

Create a new Facebook account now

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Facebook over the years has gone through many updates either by improving its service or by adding new features. There is some concern for some users because the creator of Facebook indicated that the page will no longer have much scope as before and will predominate more personal actions of users. If you like the … [Read more]

Create account from

Create account from

This is something very common that people ask themselves before forming part of a social network, this time we will be informing you why you should become part of this recognized social network Facebook worldwide, thus being one of the platforms with more users registered and currently active. This is a platform that will give … [Read more]

Create a Facebook account if you are new

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As many of us know, social networks are causing a great impact on young people because with the step it has become the main tool to be communicated, leaving behind phone calls and SMS text messages. Now we decided to chat on Facebook to save time and money. If you are still new and you … [Read more]

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Facebook is a multifunctional space where you can do many things in one place, here you can chat with your friends either through texts, images, and videos. Now everyone is making the most of the social network to save as you will not have to pay to be connected with your friends or family, for … [Read more]

Minimum age to register on Facebook

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Facebook has certain rules and some of them, is that you must have a minimum age of 13 to be able to register on Facebook, this in order to comply with the rules of legislation. We must also bear in mind that both in South Korea and Spain by legislation regulations the minimum age for … [Read more]

How do I create a Facebook account

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In order to register on Facebook, you simply have to have an email address and internet. You must enter once you are there, you must go to the right side of your screen where you can find a box so you can register. Duties fill each of the boxes that ask you, you will … [Read more]

Register on Facebook without having an email

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One of the most frequent questions from different users around the world if possible register on Facebook without having an email. The answer is that if you can, one of the different requirements that this social network requires is to have an email, which you must enter and verify an email that you send to … [Read more]

Create a Facebook account in a short time

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Many people currently have a Facebook account because it is the basic tool to be communicated to your friend’s thanks to its free chat service by message or video. It should be noted that Facebook is the most popular social network of the moment that is constantly updated for the benefit of its users. If … [Read more]

Create a new Facebook account

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Facebook has millions of users in the world, but there are still people who do not know how to use this service correctly. The first thing to know is that Facebook is a social network that allows us to interact with people from all over the world, the method of communication used here is the … [Read more]